Complete Reliability System (CRS)

Enterprise-wide access to all Synthesis desktop applications

ReliaSoft’s Complete Reliability System (CRS) license is a token-based system that provides access to any or all of ReliaSoft’s Synthesis desktop applications. It offers flexible licensing and grants users unparalleled access to perform reliability-related modeling and analysis techniques, such as life data analysis, accelerated life testing analysis, reliability block diagrams and FMEAs.


Utilize the applications at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the same software for each engineer

Easily try new applications without having to justify purchasing new modules

Highly Flexible

Access the entire collection of Synthesis desktop applications — for any engineer at any time

Understand license utilization with helpful quarterly reports

Full Enterprise Connectivity

Maximize your reliability data integration since every engineer in your organization can access every tool

Ensure the entire organization is up-to-date — CRS includes all upgrades and new desktop application releases

Licensing Details

ReliaSoft's CRS license provides unprecedented access for your organization to run any or all of the Synthesis desktop applications (dependent on available CRS Units). When launched, each application draws a specified number of CRS Units from your organization's shared cache; upon closing the application, the CRS Units are released back to the organization's shared cache for other users to access. All users within the organization can choose to run any configuration of applications, up to the limit of available units.

Synthesis Desktop Application Units
Weibull++ reliability life data analysis software tool 150
ALTA accelerated life testing data analysis software tool(PRO Edition) 750
BlockSim system reliability and maintainability analysis software tool(Multi-thread with Markov) 700
RENO probabilistic event and risk analysis software tool 200
Xfmea software for FMEA and related analyses 300
RCM++ reliability centered maintenance software tool 600
RBI software for RCM with risk based inspections 1,500
RGA reliability growth and repairable system analysis software tool 400
Lambda Predict reliability prediction software tool: MIL-217, Bellcore, Telcordia or NSWC(All Modules) 600
MPC software for MSG-3 maintenance program creation(Plus Edition) 950 Footer

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